Pedro Torres, CEO and founder of Curiosity

Curiosity: There is so much to tell in the biopic Luismi, el Sol de México that there will be enough for several seasons
Vanessa Maldonado/Maribel Ramos-Weiner|30 de mayo de 2017

In Univision’s upfront in New York, Pedro Torres, CEO and founder of Curiosity, expressed his enthusiasm for presenting the biopic series Luismi, el Sol de Mexico that will be launched in 2018. Soon shootings will begin.

“We are very excited, because we are lucky to be working with the great artist Luis Miguel is. One series, I don´t think will be enough, nor two series, either.I think his career is so big there will eventually be three or four series. There is so much to say about this character. He is gigantic and behind each version made, there will always be many truths. There is such a big story to tell that we must choose what the audience wants to see very well,” commented Torres.

The scripts are still being developed. They will result in a 10 to 12 episode product for the first season.

He said that the writers of the series include Juan Gerard and Carlos Pascual. The shooting will be in Mexico and in many other countries, “because Luis Miguel has traveled all over, he is a gypsy of music”.