Cynthia Hudson, senior VP and general manager of CNN en Español

Cynthia Hudson declares to CNN en Español, top in social networks in US Hispanic, with twice as many followers as open TV networks

09 de junio de 2016

Cynthia Hudson, senior VP and general manager of CNN en Español, declared to PRODU that the channel in US Hispanic was #1 on social networks. "It is the channel that is most connected with the Hispanic audience in the US. A perfect example of this is that Fernando del Rincón has twice as many followers as the main anchor of one of the most important networks in Spanish in the US”, said Cynthia during her upfront in New York. "We are #1 on Facebook, we are #1 on Twitter, #1 on Google+, in digital, we are the kings in the US," she added. "We also have 5 million homes in the US which I call premium. If you multiply these times 3 or 4 you already know the number. It is the audience that really consumes, it is the ideal audience, the ideal audience is in CNN en Español,” pointed out the executive, who has already been at the head of the network for 6 years. She revealed that she is in love with what they are doing in CNNE. “The business and the work we do is nourishing for me, I feel I have a huge responsibility, that weighs enormously and keeps me connected all the time. A person in charge of a news network, practically doesn’t sleep”.