Hudson: The 15th anniversary of CNNE is a moment of great responsibility

Cynthia Hudson on 15 years of CNN en Español: The evolution continues
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|30 de marzo de 2012

Alongside 160 invited agencies, advertisers, programming partners, paid TV operators and a few specialized media of the region, CNN en Español celebrated its 15th anniversary in Atlanta. During the dinner, which took place in Magnolia Hall, PRODU spoke to Cynthia Hudson, senior VP and general manager at CNN en Español and of Hispanic Strategy at CNN/US. Hudson emphasized that the channel’s evolution will continue, and that the following stage will work to perfect the model by searching for new projects to add more content to the network. A team from Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) Latin America was also present at the dinner including president Juan Carlos Urdaneta, along with the network’s senior VP of Ad Sales and Business Development and general manager of Glitz*, Gretchen Colón, and Eduardo Suárez, VP of Programming of CNNE. “For me, these years have been magnificent because when we launched the new CNNE, we began with a process of evolution, and this process continues, progresses, and that has been my career. For me, the 15th anniversary of CNNE is a moment of great responsibility” Hudson expressed. The executive also indicated that the anniversary celebration would extend throughout the year, and for October, the company expects the launch of new shows such as Latinoamérica Opina and Trendy Topics.