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Every day is Pride Day at d exposito & partners
08 de julio de 2019

As the LGBT Pride Month of June came to a close, the creative team at d exposito & partners made a call not to forget this cause after the celebration in which hundreds of brands offered their support.

With the image of a rainbow appearing on a rainy day, the agency presented some striking copy: “Many forget about Pride Day after July 1st. We at d exposito & partners are with the LGBTQ community not only during the rainbow but also during the rain. We are Pride every day.”

“This year, NYC Pride took on a special meaning, as it was officially ‘WorldPride’ and commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. The celebration took over the city with rainbows and Pride messages everywhere. It was amazing to witness! It showed that Pride truly has gone mainstream and that we have truly grown and evolved as a society - but we knew that after June 30, NYC would return to normal. This ad aims to inspire everyone to continue the momentum of Pride so we can embrace and champion LGBTQ+ rights all year long,” said Louis Maldonado, partner and managing director of the agency.

He added that thanks to the Stonewall activists, “we now live in a world that is much more accepting of LGBTQ people. Thanks to them, people who were once marginalized and living an underground lifestyle can now celebrate out loud without fear of judgment or persecution. However, today’s sociopolitical environment has created an undercurrent where many rights are being challenged and undone. We at the agency saw this as an opportunity to deliver a rallying cry to the industry so that we all continue to fight the good fight and carry on the legacy of the Stonewall pioneers.”