Damián Alcázar

Damián Alcázar and Tamara Vallarta to star in Story House Entertainment and Netflix´series Tijuana
07 de junio de 2018

Story House Entertainment and Netflix announced that Damián Alcázar (Narcos, La Delgada Línea Amarilla, La Ley de Herodes) and Tamara Vallarta (Paquita la del Barrio) have been cast in the upcoming original drama series Tijuana.

Alcázar and Vallarta step into the respective roles of Antonio Borja, co-founder and director of the renowned newspaper Frente Tijuana, and Gabriela Cisneros, an idealistic young reporter fighting her way into his newsroom.

The riveting and timely new series takes an unvarnished look what journalists in Mexico face every day in the pursuit of the truth. Tijuana will make its premiere in the U.S. on Univision Network, followed by its global debut on Netflix.

Additional cast announced includes Claudette Maille as Federica, co-founder of Frente Tijuana; Rodrigo Abed as G. Muller, an eccentric businessman who controls the city of Tijuana; Tete Espinosa as Malu, an intrepid photographer for the paper; Rolf Petersen as Lalo Ferrer, a native of Mexico City who leads the editorial team; and Iván Aragóon as Andy Borja an aspiring documentarian who is also the son of director of Frente Tijuana and longs to capture the love and respect of his father.

Daniel Posada (El Chapo) and Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font (Otel.lo, El Chapo) will serve as showrunners with Enid ‘Pinky’ Campos and Joceline Hernández serving as producers.

Posada and Zayre Ferrer are the series creators. Directors include Al-Rahmoun Font, Clara Roquet (El Adiós), Francisco Vargas Quevedo (El Violín), and Carlos Rincones (El Chapo, The Bad Guys).

Tijuana is a co-production between Story House Entertainment and Netflix. Isaac Lee, Camila Jiménez Villa, Christian Gabela and Rodrigo Mazón are executive producing.