Damián Alcázar

Damián Alcázar, lead actor of El Dandy by Sony/Teleset and Televisa: This is the TV that Mexico should have done since years ago
07 de abril de 2015

The Mexican actor Damián Alcázar, well known for his 30-year career path acting in films said that superseries like El Dandy (70X60'), in which he plays the role of a slum crook, it is the type of TV Mexico should have been doing for years now. "I always seek this type of series. This is the type of TV I like to do" the Mexican star told PRODU during an exterior shooting in downtown Mexico city, in the De Jesús Hospital, founded by Hernán Cortés in 1524. There, there was a scene in which 'El Chueco', his character's name, went to see his friend that had been beaten, the infiltrated policeman, played by Poncho de Anda. "This band of crooks is a perfect vehicle to see Mexico City and family values, because although they are crooks, there are strong family ties, such as loyalty among friends, constant struggle for survival, a city that where there are no jobs, that is overpopulated. All are childhood friends who became crooks as years went by in order to survive" he said, describing what El Dandy is about in broad terms. Regarding the two directors who are in charge of the series in two units, the Mexican Chava Cartas and the Colombian Mauricio Cruz, he said: "the two directors are brilliant and allow the possibility to play with the characters and with humor, especially black humor. It is very well written and whatever has to be changed, we do it on the spot".