Guns for Change the ref

Daniel Correa of ALMA: It was an absolute privilege to have the Communication Arts Advertising Competition exhibit our work

12 de agosto de 2019

ALMA Creative Director Daniel Correa was one of those responsible for the Guns campaign for Change the Ref that won the Public Service Category at the 2019 Communication Arts Advertising Competition.

“Imagine you’re a professional artist and the Louvre announces it will exhibit your work. That is how much it means to win at the Communication Arts Advertising Competition. It was an absolute privilege to have our work exhibited by the most prestigious journal in our industry,” Correa said.

Guns is a campaign made up of four print ads, each showing a different map of the United States. They illustrate, respectively, that the state of Florida – shaped like a gun – has more gun owners, more gun murders, more mass shootings and more children killed by guns than many other states put together. And even though its shape is similar to a gun, the NGO Change the Ref invites people to join the fight to change Florida’s gun system. This campaign also received a bronze Lion in Print & Publishing at the Cannes Lions Festival, along with four shortlists.

“Gun violence has increased drastically over the past few years. In 2019, for instance, there have been more mass shootings than days in the year even as I write this. And that’s insane. So this campaign is especially important to us because it puts the severity of the issue into perspective and reinforces our partnership with Change the Ref and our efforts to help them in their fight against gun violence,” Correa said.