The analyst Carlos Blanco from Dataxis considers competing in the OTT arena is not simple
Dataxis: TV channels with direct-to-consumer offers increase
Miryana Márquez|03 de octubre de 2019

In a webinar delivered by the analyst Carlos Blanco from Dataxis on the content distribution strategies in Latin America, he explained that even though homes subscribed to an OTT service have increased, these will not reach the number of those who have pay-TV, not even in 2024. However, he clarified that this can change once the OTT expected to be launched at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 is in the market.

There is an increase of TV channels that are being launched with direct-to-consumer offers, he assured, but, in his opinion, very few of them or none is launched in the Netflix style, in other words, without an ally.

Blanco mentioned it is not difficult to imagine it is going to be difficult for these new participants, because "it is not easy to compete in the OTT arena".

Regarding OTTs allied with telcos in the region, he commented that in some cases this helps give them visibility and in others facilitates what has to do with the collection.

On the other hand, he pointed out that in 2018 the profit per group, taking into account the six main countries in the region, were led by Disney, followed by WarnerMedia and the fourth place was for Netflix.