Marla Skiko Global Head of Media at Ford Motor Company
Data is Essential for Understanding Consumer Behavior
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|24 de septiembre de 2020

Marla Skiko, who has been working as Global Head of Media at Ford Motor Company for seven months and a month ago added the U.S. to the territories she serves, said that data is essential for understanding consumer behavior and at Ford it is absolutely indispensable. Skiko was responsible for the talk Cómo los Medios Hispanos Presentan el Mensaje (How Hispanic Media Present the Message) that was chaired by Court Stroud of Revolución Podcast on the second day of the 18th Annual Hispanic Television Summit.

She advised the advertisers on hand to take the time to understand their target audiences along with the content and devices they use. “It’s important for brands to optimize their campaigns for mobile devices and to be relevant, regardless of the device, as to which video they show,” Skiko said.

“We must make sure of our authenticity, of knowing who our audience is. We don't want to be invasive with data but we do want to offer relevant messages," she added.