Cohen: In just 16 months, Internet Essentials has helped to connect more than 150,000 low income families

David Cohen of Comcast: Internet Essentials has done a lot to shrink the digital divide
07 de marzo de 2013

Comcast announced the details of its second annual report on the progress of Internet Essentials, which includes the program’s main achievements, as well as a number of improvements made and a prize created to honor school districts that have made the most progress. "In just 16 months, Internet Essentials has helped put a real dent in the digital divide and connected more than 150,000 low income families or 600,000 Americans to the power of the Internet, most for the first time in their lives. To put that in perspective, that's approximately the entire population of Washington D.C. or Boston" Comcast Executive VP David Cohen said, but added that “"Internet Essentials is not just about broadband adoption. It's also about what the Internet can do for families, from finding a job to completing homework and accessing vital health care resources. While we're pleased with our progress to date, we have more work to do to bring more families into the digital age". Some key achievements of the program include associations with more than 7,000 community organizations, government agencies, local and state officials, more than 10,000 participants given digital training in person along with instructions on using the Internet, and more than 800,000 online hits received by Internet Essentials and basic Internet.