David Droga

David Droga, Jury President in Sustainable Development Goals: Second Chances Is One of The Festival's Fabulous Ideas

21 de junio de 2019

David Droga, founder and president of Droga5 and jury president in the Sustainable Development Goals category, expressed that the amazing thing about the campaign Second Chances by Casanova//McCann lies in its simplicity.

“The idea of Second Chances was jury matter, because it is so incredibly simple and can be replicated in any market. It doesn't ask much from anybody, it is just an attitude. And anyone who registers as an organ donor feels he is winning in small things such as fines, and at the same time, he builds a link with the police" he stated. "I think that if that happened to me, I would register as an organ donor so I wouldn't feel ashamed".

Droga highlighted that this is one of those ideas that could happen tomorrow anywhere in the world, without needing a change of infrastructure or anything. It was one of the festival's fabulous ideas and was very, very original".