Debi Rubbiani as new head of Production at Founders: For the two projects, Netflix and Hornitos, I stood ready to make a quick switch from one production to the other
Liz Unamo|27 de julio de 2022

Debi Rubbiani joined the Founders team as its new head of Production two months ago, and since then has developed several projects, including the outstanding Netflix activation of the launch of the Resident Evil series.

“It was a very challenging project, given that we used the latest technology to construct a glass cage that would permit four hours of live-action filming on one of the busiest streets in Santa Monica, CA, creating moments of uncertainty that would awe the viewer when the glass enclosure filled with smoke and the actor inside kept being switched with another,” Rubbiani said.

Installed on one of Santa Monica’s busiest streets, the glass cage immediately attracted an enormous crowd. The surprise was even greater when, upon approaching the cage, they came upon a man inside it pleading for help, while scientists of the Umbrella Corporation analyzed the situation in the most miniscule detail. (see campaign)

“We did an excellent makeup job, which in four hours totally transformed a normal guy into a Zero, one of the characters of the series. The greatest challenge was achieving a first class performance, for which we needed the crowds of people walking along to really feel attracted by what was going on and would want to stay to see what happened. At the same time, we had more than eight cameras filming the action, with the director and an entire production crew at work catching these shocking images on digital camera.”

The challenge of the launch was enormous, but what a success it was, Rubbiani said, particularly in terms of the live reactions of the people and the finely crafted material. “It was also reflected in the press, when it was chosen as Editor’s Pick in AdAge, and among the top five campaigns recommended by AdAge.”

Another activation she directed was for Hornitos as part of National Tequila Day, associated with street artist Madsteez, who traveled to Mexico specifically to seek inspiration in the agave fields of Tequila, and spent 100 percent of his time on the artistic part of the event. “There were two projects playing at the same time with both in great demand, but at the same time completely different one from the other – so that, from my point of view, I had to stay alert in order to switch quickly from one production to the other. Both projects were a success in the same week.”

An agency of transformation
Joining the Founders team was an important decision in Rubbiani’s career, basically inspired by the agency’s talent, especially that of its founders. “There’s no doubt Tanya (De Poli) and Checha (Agosto Carreño) were my chief motivation. They were the ones who inspired me with the values they created in this agency, the importance of being an independent agency whose processes are not tedious and make it possible to manage them in a participative, agile way.”

She added that at Founders, every thought and proposal is appreciated, “as is the management skill necessary to achieve what I consider best for the agency.”