Carolina Arenas

Our Campaign shows we Also Make Music for Sports Events, says Carolina Arenas of Audio Network
28 de abril de 2021

With an eye on the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo – to be finally held a year after they were originally scheduled and considering all the other sports events being held this year – the commercial music production company Audio Network has developed the Summer of Sport campaign to show the diversity of music it offers for their audiovisual programming.

“When the Marketing Department created this campaign, it had in mind all the sports event s being contested this year: the Olympics, the EUFA European Championship (soccer), the Conacaf Gold Cup (soccer), Copa Libertadores (soccer), and Wimbledon (tennis), in all a global celebration that with our background music adds another layer of emotion, said Carolina Arenas, Audio Network’s sales manager for Latin America.

The executive added that creating the campaign took five months and its launch was in March and will continue through May. “For the Summer of Sport campaign we have 12 playlists, all based on diversity, keeping in mind both category and culture. We were able to work with such composers as the African American Kelly Mac, and on one of the playlists we featured one of our Japanese composers, Joji Hirota, for the Olympic Games.”

Audio Network is a commercial music production company that works with some 1,000 composers worldwide. “We’re continually creating songs and albums and every 15 days we launch new music for our clients, which include television channels, production houses, post-production studios, brands and advertising agencies. Basically any creator of audiovisual content can use our music,” Arenas said.

With regard to working in the context of the pandemic, she noted that “it’s been a challenge, above all because our music is recorded live and we are the No. 2 client of the Abbey Road Studios in London, and from recording 150 hours a year, our quantity has been cut way down.” She also said that due to the circumstances, composers have been recording in their studios and from home and the audio mix and remastering engineer has been in charge of integrating the work. “Yes, we’re used to working in remote one way or another, but it lowers the number of albums we can produce. We previously recorded from eight to ten albums every 15 days, and now we produce six.”

Last but not least, Arenas said that for the processes of creation and production, they always listen to the feedback of the sales team who in turn hear what their clients are saying. “With that information we are creating a pipeline. And since we are involved in the whole process, our creations are always based on feedback from our clients.”

Arenas said that of the 12 playlists created, four are on digital platforms. Their downloading and use can be done directly from the Audio Network website.