Deeny Kaplan from The Kitchen commented that only in Miami, they have added six new positions to face the increased workflow

Demand for dubbing and subtitling increased by 50%
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|07 de enero de 2021

In the last 10 months, The Kitchen has experienced a huge demand for subtitling and dubbing in the region which they have been able to fulfill effectively thanks to the adjustments they made at the beginning of the pandemic.

Deeny Kaplan, EVP at The Kitchen, mentioned that clients have realized they can maintain with home studios the usual quality level they have in their office studios. She commented that only in Miami, they have added six new positions to face the workflow. “We had never been as busy as we are now. I would say that there is an increase of at least 50% in the work volume,” she added.

Kaplan mentioned that the productions they are dubbing and subtitling in the region include several BBC productions, such as season 11 of Doctor Who in Spanish and season 12 in Portuguese for clients like Netflix, BBC America, and Amazon. “We do a great deal of subtitling for BBC in Latin America: Call the Midwife, Pride, and Prejudice, Sense, and Sensibility. We also did the dubbing of Sanditon in Portuguese, and dubbed MotherFatherSon to Spanish and Portuguese,” she said.

They are in charge of dubbing into Portuguese the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. For Viacom, they have dubbed up to season 23 of South Park (Spanish and Portuguese) and finished, for season 24, a South Park special.

For Sony’s Funimation, launched in Mexico and Brazil, they dubbed several animes to Spanish and Portuguese.

For Cineflix Studios, they dubbed seasons 2 and 3 of the series Wynonna Earp.

Kaplan mentioned that they are dubbing to English and Portuguese Hispanic NBCUniversal novelas (Behind Closed Doors, Operation Pacifico, La Doña 2, and Law of the Heart).