Mari Urdaneta, CEO of Dhana Media

Dhana Media: Looking for a writer for Maradona and about to end shootings of Su Nombre era Dolores

29 de noviembre de 2016

Mari Urdaneta, CEO of Dhana Media, commented that they are looking for a writer for the bioepic on the famous soccer player Diego Maradona, the project they are working on with their partners, BTF Media and LatinWE.

“We are in the preliminary research and deciding who is going to be the pen to tell that story, that is so unique. It is a story the entire world will be interested in, because Maradona draws the attention not only of Latin America, but of the whole world. And now, the main thing is to define who we will partner with to write it,” she mentioned, after saying that they are still in a very preliminary research stage.

Regarding the other project on which they are working, also with BTF Media and LatinWE, as well as TuYo Media, Su Nombre era Dolores (26x60'), about the life of Jenni Rivera, Urdaneta commented that they will finish shootings the second week of December and it will be launched on Univision in January.

“In the Grammy Awards ceremony, they showed the teaser, and that is very exciting for us. There is a great team, both behind and in front of the cameras, that is doing an extraordinary job. Luz Ramos, our star, not only allows us to play with her talent, she is also involved in the role with her physical features. There is a magnificent cast, with a production that Jenni and all her people deserve.”

The series is being shot in Mexico and Los Angeles, most of it in locations.