Mari Urdaneta, CEO of Dhana Media

Dhana Media: The production of the series on Jenni Rivera will begin in October

Aliana González, Los Angeles|26 de mayo de 2016

Mari Urdaneta, CEO of Dhana Media, told PRODU that she will soon start to look for the actress that will play the role of Jenni Rivera in the series Su Verdadero Nombre Era Dolores for Univision, which they are producing together with Pete Salgado from TuYo Media, Luis Balaguer from LatinWE and that will be made by Francisco Cordero, from BTF Media. “It will probably be someone who is not well-known, with singing abilities, but who represents the culture of the West Coast and La Banda very well, so she will probably be from Los Angeles,” she expressed. She stated that the negotiation took a year, but the project will require much more time. “We think it has all the hues to be a great series. She was always very sincere and open, always faced adversity and never tried to hide scandals or anything like that, which she was never involved in, actually. She was a very brave woman. We want the audience, and above all her fans, find the Jenni they knew. And also for the story to be told by whom she called, “her fifth brother”, Pete, as a tribute, with a great deal of affection. No one better than Pete to tell her story. He was, together with Jenni, architect in building this artist’s brand.” The project is being developed and pre-produced. Soon, the writer will be revealed and in October production will begin, in order to launch it at the start of 2017. “We are going to work in two units: shooting in Los Angeles and in Mexico. We want to adhere to reality, and are going to use a lot from original video material. We want the transition between original videos and those produced by us to be seamless,” said Urdaneta.