Cory Crespo, Josh Glick, Eduardo Lebrija, Diego Boneta, Eréndira Núñez, Mónica Bárbaro, Jonah Feingold and, Jorge Mondragón

Diego Boneta of Three Amigos: At Midnight is a movie with the best of Hollywood and Mexico
10 de diciembre de 2021

At Midnight, starring Diego Boneta and Mónica Bárbaro, is a romantic comedy that takes place in Mexico City and the Riviera Maya. Boneta said that it is a very important project because, in addition to being part of the cast, it is the first production he does with his company, Three Amigos.

Boneta highlighted that he wants the film to show the best of Mexico and Hollywood. “There has never been a Hollywood romantic comedy filmed in Mexico. It is a mix of both territories, something that has not been done before,” he said during the Paramount+ Forum, in which he participated with Mónica Bárbaro and director Jonah Feingold. He announced that after 5 years of planning, production begins in January to premiere in 2022.

It is an original story by Giovanni Porta written by Porta, Maria Hinojos, and Jonah Feingold. In addition to Three Amigos, the production includes Eréndira Núñez Larios and Michel Franco from Teorema; Josh Glick and Gemma Levinson from Automatik, owned by Brian Kavanaugh Jones and Fred Berger, which produced the Oscar-winning film La La Land. Also, David Bernon of Burn Later, and Jorge Mondragón, and Cory Crespo of COLOÜRSCMX.

The story is about two people who decided not to fall in love. Alejandro (Boneta) lives a predictable life that goes according to his plan. Grace (Barbarian) is a beautiful rising movie star with a famous, but unreliable boyfriend. All these changes when fate unites them.

Boneta commented that he is grateful for the takeoff that his career took after the Luis Miguel series. He affirms that this stage, in which in addition to acting he can propose and create content, is a great challenge. "News is coming very soon, like a project that we are doing with Humberto Hinojosa for HBO Max," he advanced.

Achieving balance among the commercial side of the film, quality, the vision of the director, actors, and producers, is the biggest challenge of this project, according to Eréndida Núñez, who said that they are hiring the best behind-the-scenes talent in Mexico for the project.