Greg Knipp, CEO Dieste

Dieste Promotes Abe Garcia and Alex Campo As Top Creative Duo
17 de febrero de 2021

Dieste has appointed Abe García and Alex Campo as its new executive creative directors following the departure of former CCO Ciro Sarmiento, who will now occupy the same position at Weber Shandwick. Dieste will leave that seat open for now.

“We’re excited about promoting such a fine creative duo as Garcia and Campo to be our new executive creative directors. One complements the other and both are gifted with outstanding talent,” Dieste CEO Greg Knipp told PRODU in an exclusive interview.

Knipp is grateful for Sarmiento’s contribution during his seven years with the agency and for the legacy he left upon his leaving. “He’s an amazing guy who did great things as part of Dieste’s team to consolidate the agency’s reputation and establish it creatively,” he said.