DigitalReef teams up with Gamers Club in the world of video games
31 de enero de 2023

DigitalReef, one of the world’s leading technology companies in online marketing and connected TV (CTV), has announced a strategic alliance with Gamers Club, the leading center of video game communities in Latin America. The alliance brings DigitalReef into the world of online video games where it will focus the capabilities of its innovative platform on the needs of video game editors, gamers and other participants in the industry throughout the region.

“Each element of our strategy and every interest group we serve, from our partner operators and editors to the brands and their end users, all are bound to benefit from our alliance with Gamers Club,” said Mark Yackanich, president and chief operating officer of DigitalReef. Yackanich added that “DigitalReef aims to lever our technology and unique data and analytics capacities to offer clients better distribution and monetizing tools along with active audience participation. By teaming up with Gamers Club, DigitalReef will create more thematic and personalized content while delivering an innovative new combination of benefits for video game editors.”

Over the past five years, the video game industry in Latin America has taken off, with such markets as Brazil, Mexico and Chile leading regional income growth with $1.3 billion, $1.2 billion and $354 million, respectively, with important continued growth expected in these and other Latin American markets in the coming years.