Dino Spadavecchia, Executive Creative Director of GALLEGOS United
Dino Spadavecchia of GALLEGOS United: For Got Milk? We Took Scenes From Kids´ Everyday Lives
Liz Unamo|06 de julio de 2018

This year’s California Milk Processing Board (CMPB) campaign Got Milk? Is all about milk consumption and targets all California. Dino Spadavecchia, Executive Creative Director of GALLEGOS United, said the strategic insight you can always count on milk, led them to the creative idea of dramatizing the tough, demanding lives kids have these days - everything from getting good grades at school and doing their homework to household chores, martial arts practice and so much more.

"We took scenarios from kids’ everyday lives, and brought them to life in a very honest and relatable way. This, in turn also relates to millennial parents, as it reflects upon the reality of their busy lives" Spadavecchia said.

According to the creative, the agency has had great success in the last few years connecting with specific consumer segments, not only on social/digital but at retail, so now GALLEGOS United is excited to take what it’s learned and expand it to influence all Californians.

"It's vital to connect with consumers through activations especially for milk as we have an extremely high awareness (+90%) and need to remind people as they are closer to purchasing. These efforts will be a part of the campaign as we ramp up to the back-to-school timeframe. the details are still in development, but we will have 1300 activations in 20 markets".

The campaign includes four spots: Diner, Trust, Saludos and Jaque Mate."That media balance was based upon our understanding of California’s complex and diverse consumer makeup. Thus the creative is reflective of this reality, and includes in-language executions and culturally attuned insights"