Angélica Torres, director and creator

Director Angélica Torres from Primo TV: Sitcom Five @305 innovates by bringing social influencers to TV

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|26 de abril de 2018

The sitcom Five @305 youth series, aired by the signal Primo TV in the US, innovates by bringing social influencers to television, according to its director and creator, Angélica Torres. This show is the channel’s first original scripted series.

Five @305 appeared from Vme idea to bring material and content for youths, which is a complicated target because they are more on the Internet than on TV. Together with Vme, we offered a proposal that I consider very innovative for TV: to bring social influencers to TV, kids that have very strong social media and at the same time have a strong acting and music background,” commented Torres.

Five @305 is in English and is shot in a studio in Wynwood, where they have recreated an apartment in Miami. The series is aired on Primo TV in the Comcast system on Thursdays at 9pm. The series will be as of May in Xfinity’s VOD.

“It is a story of five kids who arrive to live in Miami from different backgrounds, different countries, with their dreams, like any young adult. They are here to study college. They rent an apartment and their daily lives –the adventures and trouble they get into—are what make each program fun,” said Torres.