Carlos Bolado, director of the series La Hermandad by 11:11 for Claro Video

Director Carlos Bolado from La Hermandad by Claro Video: LatAm needs more products in Spanish that reflect situations that occur in the region
Vanessa Maldonado|24 de junio de 2016

To encourage production of series in Spanish that reflect the reality of Latin America in the international market is one of the prerequisites the Mexican film and TV director Carlos Bolado has. He recently directed the series La hermandad (14x60'), under the production of Manolo Cardona and his production company 11:11. It is aired exclusively on the video platform Claro Video. “Many of the series we see are in English and we needed a Latin American product told in Spanish with situations related with the culture of this region. La Hermandad manages to do this: to gather topics like corruption, handling of power, and the way to do justice, topics we have in common and that allow this platform to engage a greater number of international viewers,” commented Bolado. The filmmaker highlighted that people are currently more visual and consume contents on different platforms, so “series on streaming are a great opportunity to narrate different stories with longer arches, divided in seasons. We are all storytellers, but in the end, the most important thing is the topic that is covered and how you do it. This genre is undoubtedly gaining strength in Latin America”. Carlos Bolado, as well as directing films like Bajo California, Solo Dios Sabe, Colosio and documentaries like Promises, has been at the head of the series Los Minondo, Estado de Gracia and Camelia la Texana; also programs for Discovery, PBS, Channel 4 and Once TV.