Director Carlos Bolado

Director Carlos Bolado: I am preparing a documentary about money and drug dealing for a TV network in the US
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|16 de septiembre de 2016

With the experience of having directed stories like Camelia la Texana, the Mexican director Carlos Bolado, announced that he is developing a documentary about money and drug dealing for a US TV network, that will show how drug dealers´money is handled. Additionally, they have started the production of the second season of La Hermandad, by the production company 11:11 for Claro Video, and the recent shooting of the documentary on Pancho Villa: Se Busca Vivo o Muerto (1x60’), for Discovery.

“I am preparing a documentary about money, how drug dealing is handled. It would be for a network in the US, with which we are still negotiating due to budget aspects. It is a complicated topic, because in the world there are a lot of interests in the US. But it will be filmed in Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Chicago and Spain,” explained the director, without revealing further details.

Bolado also mentioned that the characters Manolo Cardona and Paz Vega will continue on the second season of La Hermandad; however, they will add other talents like Gustavo Sánchez Parra and Gerardo Taracena. He said that in December they will finish shooting this production, that will have three seasons.