Bio series on Monzón is presented at Buenos Aires

Director Jesús Braseras: Monzón´s life is a great story that has to be told
Cynthia Plohn, Buenos Aires|14 de septiembre de 2018

In a location in the neighborhood of Berazategui, in Buenos Aires, that simulated the house where Monzón murdered Alicia Muñiz, Monzón (13x60'), Disney Media Distribution´s and Pampa Films´ production, was presented.

During the event, Leonardo Aranguibel, Production director, Disney Media Distribution Latin America, confirmed that the series will have its debut on Space as its first window. It will then be on an important and renowned OTT, and, lastly, on Open TV. He said the story is very powerful and moving. The conducted an exhaustive casting with the aim to choose the stars who would play the role of Monzón in his youth and his last years of life, whose similarity is truly amazing.

For his part, Pablo Bossi, CEO of Pampa Films, recognized Fernando Barbosa, SVP, Distribution, and Production and general manager of Disney Media Distribution Latin America, as one of the drivers of this project, and highlighted the wonderful cast of the series.

All the actors that were in the presentation, led by Jorge Román (Monzón adult) and Mauricio Paniagua (Monzón young) agreed that the director Jesús Braseras is doing an excellent teamwork.

Braseras expressed that Monzón’s life is a great story: it has suspense, police, action, drama and is, “on top of everything, a true story”.

He added that the group of scriptwriters did a lot of research on his life. “The idea is to make everything as genuine as possible,” he said.