Lili Garza and Fernando Nesme, scene directors at Televisa

Director Lili Garza from Televisa: We began table work with producer Carlos Moreno on the teleseries Las Viudas Negras
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|05 de mayo de 2016

Televisa´s new bet in exploring new formats like teleseries has changed the way not only to produce but also to write and direct, which is why stage directors Lili Garza and Fernando Nesme, who recently worked on the telenovela A Que No Me Dejas, mentioned the differences between the two formats and announced that they are working on the teleseries Las Viudas Negras (60x60’) with the producer Carlos Moreno. It will be aired on Univision and on Blim. “We are working with the producer Carlos Moreno on a teleseries that nobody knows and nobody has seen before. It is called Las Viudas Negras. It is a drama with a touch of black humor. It has become a great challenge and we hope to fulfill all the company’s expectations” commented director Lili Garza. For both directors, there is a big difference between directing a teleseries and a telenovela, “the tone of the first one is more real, more alive, faster and more believable” said Nesme. To conclude, the director highlighted that actor´s work in a telenovela is stricter than in a teleseries, “we must get them to really feel what they are saying and not just act for the sake of it, for the story to be believable and that is what we are working on with the actors”.