Luisa Montaño, Data & Insights Lab Supervisor Discovery Networks Mexico

Discovery: Developing tools to know what audiences are looking for
20 de septiembre de 2019

Luisa Montaño, Data & Insights Lab Supervisor Discovery Networks Mexico said on #VisitaPRODU that she is leading a five-person workgroup, in charge of analyzing through research and statistics what audiences consume most, in order to plan strategies to generate greater results in their products.

The executive reported that they are developing new programs and tools based on the needs audiences reflect to be able to generate contents with greater engagement. ''For 2020 we will launch something called the Power of Influence, where we will analyze what the audiences take into account to consume something. The aspects to be considered are the quality of the content, what differentiates your product, fan recommendations, and advertising, where we seek to generate engagement with consumers, and in consequence, generate influence''.

She also said that another tool they are about to launch, called Discovery Close Media, will help the signal with the topic of measurement of the arrival of their contents and channels. "We are creating a tool that will allow us to deliver to advertisers the exact number of eyes connected with our content, our campaigns, and their commercials, both in television and in digital. This will be more exact than any other rating or data gave by OTTs''.

Montaño also mentioned that the Mexican viewer knows what he wants to see and where to find it, which is why it is important for the contents to be of good quality, and that they convey something to viewers.