The new season of Gen H features two intrepid explorers: Venezuelan journalist Daniela Zavala and Mexican publicist Pepe Carmona

Discovery en Español launches second season of Gen H
27 de agosto de 2013

On August 28 at 11pm ET/PT, Discovery en Español will present the second season of Gen H (Generación Hispana), an original production that reflects the positive energy and drive of young Hispanics who follow their own rules and represent the new millennium generation. The documentary is a result of a partnership with Heineken and is inspired by their Dropped social experiment - a series of episodic adventures wherein Heineken sends men to remote destinations around the world, with nothing but the most basic of supplies, and films their experience, and the bizarre challenges they face, along the way. The new season of Gen H (#genh) features two intrepid explorers who embark on a transformative journey into the unknown to find themselves: Venezuelan journalist Daniela Zavala, who moved to Miami 10 years ago, and Mexican publicist Pepe Carmona, who has also lived in the U.S. since he was 22. Armed only with a backpack and the conviction that the journey matters more than the destination itself, the two young people set off on an adventure to the interior of Mexico’s Sierra Madre Occidental and the jungle of Tikal in Guatemala. In each place they visit they face a series of challenges that test their limits and bring them closer to the local culture, people and customs.