Latinos En El Corredor De La Muerte

Discovery en Español presents documentary Latinos En El Corredor De La Muerte

25 de enero de 2018

A murder, a man charged with the crime and a desperate woman willing to do anything to save her husband's life. Time is quickly running out and he will be executed by lethal injection if the appeal is denied. This is the story of Juan Balderas a prisoner on death row.

Latinos En El Corredor De La Muerte premieres Sunday, January 28 at 10pm E/P as part of the Discovery a Fondo investigation block.

There are currently 2,843 prisoners on death row in the United States including 375 Latinos. The Texas Polunsky Unit houses 60 of those inmates. One of them is Mexican born Juan Balderas, accused of murdering a fellow gang member. Balderas spent 8 years waiting for trial while claiming his innocence and is currently running out of options to avoid lethal injection.

Narrated and directed by acclaimed Clandestino journalist and producer David Beriain, Latinos En El Corredor De La Muerte features testimonies from some of Balderas’ relatives, Department of Criminal Justice spokespeople, attorneys who are experts in capital punishment, and Juan Meléndez, the last Hispanic who managed to rectify the United States judicial system in a death penalty case.

The new one-hour documentary is a Discovery en Español production headed by Michela Giorelli, Rafael Rodriguez, and Carlos Cediel, and produced by 93 Metros.