The show is a Nippur Media production for Discovery Channel

Discovery releases first LatAm version of Naked & Afraid: Supervivencia al Desnudo Latinoamérica
08 de abril de 2022

For the first time, the Naked & Afraid format, which is a worldwide phenomenon and a hit on Discovery since 2013, has a Latin American version. Supervivencia al desnudo Latinoamérica, a Discovery Channel original series produced in the region, recorded in Colombia, and made up of seven episodes, will premiere this month.

Supervivencia al Desnudo Latinoamérica challenges survival experts to live 21 days without food, water, and clothing. This is one of the most ambitious survival productions ever produced in Latin America and it will include ten contestants: six from Mexico, two from Colombia, and two from Argentina. Throughout seven episodes, they will try to survive with the resources they can get in a wild Colombian savannah.

The show is a Nippur Media production for Discovery Channel. Michela Giorelli is the executive producer and the production supervisors are Rafael Rodríguez and César Muñoz for Discovery, Inc.; Gerardo Brandy is responsible for the overall production, and Marcelo Schlimovich and Rachel Maguire are executive producers on behalf of Nippur Media.

Production took place in various areas of the vast Vichada region, part of the gigantic Orinoco River basin. Is an area of 50 km2 of intertropical savannah where temperatures can reach 49°C during the day and drop to 19 degrees during the night. This plain of extensive fields is scattered with galleries of dense jungle vegetation and wetlands, a natural labyrinth that serves as a habitat for big cats such as pumas and jaguars, as well as the feared anaconda and the largest predator in Latin America, the crocodile.

Discovery Latin America launched last November Supervivencia al Desnudo Brasil, an edition produced exclusively for Discovery+ and which included 10 Brazilian participants.

“These series involved a great production and logistical challenge, including shooting in a remote natural environment for 42 days. A long search process throughout Latin America gathered a fantastic casting of survival specialists. Combined with a technical team with extensive experience in the genre, the results were top-level, reaching the same standards as the US version,” explained Michela Giorelli, VP of Production and Development DLA/USH.