Fernando Medin, president and general director of Discovery Networks Latin America/US Hispanic

Discovery: Scripps Networks is a factory of formats and contents that can be co-produced with screens like open TV
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|19 de julio de 2018

A few months after his arrival as president and general director of Discovery Networks Latin America/US Hispanic, Fernando Medin visited Mexico to talk about the group’s strategies in the region, highlighting the goal of increasing co-production with open TV signals, as they currently do in Brazil and in Mexico, with channels such as Imagen TV, as well as highlighting the acquisition of Scripps Networks, which has generated between 60 and 70% of increase in audience during the evening with certain productions.

“There is still much left to conquer both in pay TV as well as in non-linear platforms. Having partnerships is strategic for Discovery and five years ago it was very difficult to find alliances with open TV. Today we have tried this, mainly with lifestyle programs that work on both screens. There is a lot to do and the acquisition of Scripps additionally brought us a great deal of content and new formats that the open TV allies will surely be very interested in,” he commented.

He mentioned that the acquisition of Scripps generated the entry of content in series and unknown formats to Home & Health, achieving levels of growth between 60 and 70% of audience in the evening: “As well as being a content factory, it is a format factory, and the strategy lies in co-producing and partnering with content and open TV producers.”

He announced that soon they will announce a new live-action series, as well as new seasons of Mexicánicos and No Te Lo Pongas, along with Terremoto, a production to be launched in the anniversary of the earthquake in Mexico.