Carlos Miranda - CTO, Dish Mexico, Sanjoy Bose - Group CTO - Home & Entertainment, Digicel Group, Luciano Ramos - VP Technology & Product, CTO, Liberty Latin America and Diego Martinez - SVP, Americas, Inview Technology

Dish Mexico: The future of our industry is linked with that of entertainment

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|09 de noviembre de 2018

“The future of our industry is linked with the future of entertainment, integrated platforms where the user has access to everything in an automated fashion, a value offer that justifies the investment,” commented Carlos Miranda, CTO of Dish Mexico during the panel CTOs and the Future of TV Technology.

For his part, Sanjoy Bose, CTO of Home Group and Entertainment at Digicel Group said that in his opinion, the future has five key elements: devices, ubiquity, interface, content (from audio and video to media such as photos) and the payment mechanism. According to Luciano Ramos, VP of Technology and Product and CTO of Liberty Latin America, the future “is brilliant with possibilities of making the business grow”. He feels that the set-top-box will continue to be relevant, but complemented with smarTV apps. “The device ecosystem has to grow and open up,” he added.

Everyone agrees in that the industry is aiming towards OTT, but there must be a transition. In Miranda´s opinion, the CEO should be a Chief Innovation Officer and the CTO is a Chief Transition Officer.

Ramos says that as operators “we must go to OTT,” because there is an opportunity to save in equipment, better delivery of the content and opportunities to create packages with broadband.

They also mentioned the digital home. “The connected home is good news for those of us who have invested in fixed networks. Broadband allows access to all these devices,” said Ramos.

According to Miranda, it is important to determine how to close the circle, the connection of these ecosystems.

The concerns they expressed in relation with the future include the need for operators to rapidly adjust the cost structure and invest time and resources in how to be more efficient for the delivery of a channel.