Alfredo Rodriguez is VP at Dish Network's Centro de Excelencia Latina and Nicole Preston, general manager of the Centro

Dish's Centro de Excelencia Latina is expanding opportunities in wireless and streaming in the Hispanic segment
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|17 de junio de 2022

Alfredo Rodriguez is VP at Dish Network's Centro de Excelencia Latina, a unit created less than a year ago. Rodriguez explained that the aim is to make the most of wireless sectors -with Boost Mobile which Dish acquired two years ago- and streaming, with Sling, in the Hispanic market, using the experience they have already developed addressing this demographic sector with DishLATINO.

“This group was created not only to ensure a product that is important for the company, the case of DishLATINO, but also to see how we can make the most of and capitalize on the opportunities there are in wireless and in streaming with this segment that must be addressed and with which you communicate in a particular manner. For this, we are working closely with the different business units” explains Rodriguez.

For her part, Nicole Preston, general manager of the Centro, spoke about DishLATINO's most recent campaign with Eugenio Derbez, titled Latino Como Tú.

“We have had Eugenio Derbez as our spokesperson since 2014. We chose him strategically from the start, because he moved from Mexico to the US to get ahead and find new opportunities and that is the reality of many of our consumers. We have been with him for almost eight years. He has always been a person our consumer trusts and feels respect and affection for” expressed Preston.

For this year, the spot was titled Íconos and it was a fictional conversation between the Chavo del Ocho and Derbez about the accomplishments of the Latina culture in entertainment in the US and all that Latinos contribute. "They are both icons, not only in Mexico but of the Latin American nostalgia as well" added Preston. He explained that the piece was made with deep fake technology, which required digitalization of the images of El Chavo and around 15,000 shots of the face. “It took 1000 hours of work and digitalization of many years of El Chavo del Ocho” he furthered.