The series will be seen in Latin America in 2019 on Space

Disney: Monzón will have its global launch on the prestigious Festival Series Mania 2019
12 de marzo de 2019

Monzón, series produced by Disney Media Distribution Latin America and Pampa Films with the support of the INCAA, will launch its first two episodes in the Series Mania Festival to be held from March 22 to 30 in the French city of Lille. It is the only Latin American series to be presented in the International Panorama section, dedicated to the screening of fifteen new series from around the world.

Fernando Barbosa, Senior VP and General Manager of Disney Media Distribution and Production Latin America & US Hispanic Market, The Walt Disney Company Latin America expressed: “We feel very happy and honored because our series Monzón has been chosen to participate in such a prestigious festival, maybe the most important series festival worldwide.”

Monzón (13x60´) tells the story of the great Argentinean champion who did not know how to escape from violence. It covers the investigation of the murder of Alicia Muñoz, his last woman, mother of his youngest child, of which Monzón is the main suspect. The series will be seen in Latin America in 2019 on Space.

The cast of the series is comprised by highly talented celebrities such as Jorge Román (Carlos Monzón), Mauricio Paniagua (Carlos Monzón), Celeste Cid (Susana Gimenez), Diego Cremonesi (Fiscal Gustavo Parisi), Gustavo Garzón (Dr. Roberto De Luca), Florencia Raggi (Dra. Patricia Rosello), Rodrigo Pedreira (Fernando Vargas Rissi), Belén Chavanne (Leticia Bianchi), Fabián Arenillas (Amílcar Brusa), Paloma Ker (Pelusa), Carla Quevedo (Alicia Muñiz), Soledad Silveyra (Elba), Mariano Chiesa (Tito Lectoure), Cumelén Sanz (Silvia) and Nacho Gadano (El Turco Cairus).

Created in 2010, the Festival takes to the big screen the best series in the world, revealing who is behind them, in a nine-day event.