The second season of The Mandalorian will arrive in October

Disney+ reaches 28.6 million subs
07 de febrero de 2020

The Walt Disney Company reported their financial results for this first quarter, in which they highlight how their Disney+ platform exceeded their estimates of reaching the more than 25 million subscribers they have.

Less than three months after the service was launched, it reached 28.6 million subscribers, having an average monthly income per pay subscriber of US$5.56.

Their profit per action decreased by 17%, influenced by the purchase of 21st Century Fox and their income rose by 36%, US$20,900 million, being a large part of their costs the development of their Disney+ platform.

Disney launched its streaming platform on November 12, highlighting its productions such as The Mandalorian, which ended its first season and it was announced that the second one will arrive in October. It was also confirmed that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be launched in August, and WandaVision in December. The day after its launch, Disney+ had 10 million subscribers.

Likewise, Disney revealed how many subscribers there are on their other streaming services: Hulu, that had 30,4 million by the end of 2019, increased 33% compared with the previous year and now has 30.7 million. ESPN+ had around 6.6 million, compared with the 1.4 million of the previous year, and now reached 7.6 million this week.

This way, Disney+ enters the streaming battle, where Netflix has 167 million subscribers, out of which 31.4 million are in Latin America, whereas Amazon announced recently that their subscription service Amazon Prime reached 150 million subscribers and the number of visualization hours of their contents on Amazon Prime Video duplicated in the last quarter of 2019 in relation to the previous year.

Disney+ is expected to be available in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Australia, and Nueva Zealand, and to increase its subscribers once it reaches Europe on March 24 and to Latin America on September 20.