Leonardo Aranguibel, director of Production, Disney Media Distribution Latin America with the cast of Monzón

Disney: Bio series Monzón has so many attractive elements that it seems fiction
25 de septiembre de 2018

With the bio series Monzón (13x60´), Disney Media Distribution produces once again in Argentina after making the local version of Amas de Casa Desesperadas and versions for other Latin American countries almost 10 years ago.

“It is a great pleasure to produce again in Argentina linked with such a stupendous project as this one: A story that moves and satisfies us deeply, and that has so many attractive elements that it actually seems like fiction,” said Leonardo Aranguibel, director of Production, Disney Media Distribution Latin America.

According to Pablo Bossi, president of Pampa Films, who co-produced the series tpgether with Disney, the appeal of the story is that it seems written by the best scripwriter in Hollywood, because it includes marginality and poverty, domestic violence, death of a brother, the suicide of a brother-in-law, and a hero who manages to achieve what he set out to, despite all these difficulties.

He added that they joined the project after talking it over with Aranguibel and Fernando Barbosa, SVP of Distribution and Production and general manager at Disney Media Distribution Latin America, who is additionally a boxing fan.

The director of the series, Jesús Braseras, agreed it is a story that has all the elements necessary to face a project such as this one.

He said there was a very intense work with the two actors who play the role of Monzón, both for them to be similar between the two and to resemble the real one.

He added that they have cinema production design where they shoot according to locations, with the 13 episodes that have been written, and with a team of between 80 and 100 people working every day.