Cecilia Mendoça, VP and general manager of Disney Channels Latin America

Disney Channels Latin America: Beyond rating, our contents’ engagement is striking
Cynthia Plohn, Buenos Aires|22 de septiembre de 2018

Disney Channels Latin America has placed a seal with their growing number of original productions made in Latin America.

“We come with a seal of local production with contents such as Violetta, Soy Luna, Once. They are contents generated here, that travel around the world and are very successful. Now, we are generating new contents such as Nivis: Amigos de Otro Mundo, for Disney Junior, and Bia (to e launched in 2019) that is going to be the new youth telenovela to replace Soy Luna,” points out Cecilia Mendoça, VP and general manager, Disney Channels Latin America.

According to the executive, linear channels continue to be relevant in the region, but the company is heading towards the diversification of multiplatform contents.

“Beyond our positioning in ratings, the engagement our contents generate is striking. It is very strong. The way of consuming content is changing and that is why our productions are having a relevant digital proposal. Bia, for example, has an important transmedia development. We are betting on diversification of content and on multiplatform,” she added.