Rita Ferro, Disney; Connor Schell, ESPN; James Goldston, ABC News; Karey Burke, ABC; Craig Erwich, Hulu, among others

Disney improves the Luminate advertising solutions platform
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|11 de junio de 2020

In the context of the Disney Advertising Sales 2020 Virtual Roadshow, whose presentation was led by Rita Ferro, president of Advertising Sales at Disney, the company announced the improvements they have made in their advertising platform Luminate, which they launched last year in the fields of data, linear addressability, attribution, and automation.

Ferro highlighted that the Disney platform offers a reach of 284 million people watching the best in entertainment and sports each month; connection by captivating two out of three people on the Internet; and results that do matter, by connecting with audiences through robust, focused, premium video solutions, and the most innovative brand integration.

“Luminate now includes Hulu, which means that thousands of additional consumption signals, that are part of Hulu, now integrate Disney´s first-party data, which model hundreds of psychographic and behavioral profiles that serve to design hundreds of advertising solutions based on the audience," she explained.

Regarding automation, he said they are working to provide a unified approach to programmatic, using data from the audience and better focalization. Additionally, in the attribution area, they now provide a tool that covers both linear and digital.

She mentioned that “no one does creativity like Disney” and gave an example of the partnership with State Farm in ESPN´s Last Dance documentary. “Entertainment creates culture and when this happens, we create connections,” she explained.

Connor Schell de ESPN, James Goldston from ABC News, Karey Burke from ABC, Craig Erwich from Hulu, John Landgraf from FX, Courtney Monroe from NatGeo and Lauren Corrao from Freeform, also took part in the virtual presentation.