Fernando Barbosa and Leonardo Aranguibel

Disney Latin America emphasized local content during the presentation of their screening
29 de mayo de 2018

Fernando Barbosa, Senior Distribution and Production VP at Disney Media Distribution Latin America, and Leonardo Aranguibel, Production director at Disney Media, showed the new projects Disney Latin America has during the Screenings in Los Angeles.

Barbosa, who has been presenting them for 20 years, commented that they started developing local production a bit over 15 years ago, with Amas de Casas Desesperadas.

For many years, they have struggled for this to be an important part of the offer. "Our local productions have generated excellent success in many of your screens".

He highlighted that today more than ever the Latin American division is committed to local productions in each country.

They spoke about El Secreto de Selena (13x60´) and the work they are carrying out with the production company BTF Media, which has marked the path, mentioned Aranguibel.

Their main productions include ¿Y Tú Qué Harías? (What Would You Do?); The biopic El Rey (13x60'), on the Mexican José Alfredo Jiménez; the series Maradona (20x60') and the project on the life of the singer Julio Iglesias, based on the book Secretos Confesables.

According to Aranguibel, ¿Y Tú Qué Harías? connects with local communities. For his part, Paco Cordero, CEO at BTF Media, spoke about the series on Maradona, whose pre-production will start in a couple of months, whereas Vidal Cantú from Kenio Films explained the project El Rey. Finalmente, they closed with the series Secretos Confesables and some words from the author of the book, Alfredo Fraile.