Fernando Barbosa, SVP, Distribution and Production and general manager of Disney Media Distribution Latin America

Disney Media Distribution Latin America: The bio series on Carlos Monzón will have Space as its first screen
Cynthia Plohn, Buenos Aires|14 de septiembre de 2018

Disney continues with the production of bio series, a path they opened with Hasta Que Te Conocí. They are currently working on the bio series on the Argentinean boxer Carlos Monzón, for which they have announced some of the broadcast windows.

Monzón (13x60’), produced by Disney Media Distribution Latin America and Pampa Films, will have the first screen on Space, the channel that for 25 years has aired boxing combats; then, it will go to an OTT and an open TV channel, informed Fernando Barbosa, Senior VP, Distribution and Production and general manager of Disney Media Distribution Latin America.

“For a biopic, the character has to be not only famous but have the necessary ingredients and Monzón has them. He was a young man of humble origin who rose, became a world champion, had a relationship with Susana Giménez, he rubs shoulders with celebrities, is accused of murder, goes to jail and dies in an accident. It is an extremely commercial formula because he has many detractors and many fans,” added Barbosa.

In the agency they also have Maradona, which Disney Media Distribution will commercialize globally, and that will be on Amazon for 12 months in exclusiveness, to then travel other media and territories; and El Secreto de Selena, to be launched on September 23 on TNT, then to Telemundo, Amazon, Space, and Azteca. Additionally, they are producing the bio series on Julio Iglesias and José Alfredo Jiménez. “We are working on other projects and will reveal some of them at Mipcom”.