Leonardo Aranguibel, Production director at Disney Media Distribution Latin America

Disney Media: We already have proposals from Europe and LatAm to broadcast our first original series Hasta Que Te Conocí
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|18 de marzo de 2016

Disney Media Distribution Latin America, Somos Productions, Juan Gabriel and BTF as production company, presented in Mexico City on last Wednesday March 16th the cast and first trailer of the musical biopic drama Hasta Que Te Conocí (13x60'), with a 90' special. The program will have its debut next April 18th at 10:30pm on TNT as first screen, afterwards for TV Azteca and Telemundo. In an interview with PRODU, Leonardo Aranguibel, Production director at Disney Media Distribution Latin America, assured there were already countries in Europe and Latin America interested in this product since it was only a script. “This reveals how people admire Juan Gabriel and trust the production companies. It is very moving to see how a production is bought on paper, even before clients see it”. Meanwhile, Francisco Cordero, CEO of BTF Media, assured that this production received a strong economic investment, which is why “we achieved a high-quality product, that met the requirements of our client, Disney Media. It was a great advantage for the scripts to be ready before shooting, in order to produce more fluently, managing to have one episode per week. It took two years of pre-production and is now ready to be broadcast”. The series had three directors: Álvaro Curiel, Rigoberto Castañeda and Alfonso Pineda. It is divided in three stages (childhood, youth and adult life) represented by Pablo Azar, Manuel Mauad and Julián Román, respectively. It was shot in 100 locations in Mexico and includes more than 3 thousand actors.