Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company
Disney shared more details about its new streaming service
09 de agosto de 2018

Robert Iger, Walt Disney Company chairman and CEO, shared new information about the Disney-branded subscription streaming service—“we’re on track for a late-2019 launch,” he said—and what will make it an attractive alternative to Netflix.

According to different media outlets, there are some revelations from Iger about the OTT service.

First, it will have less content than Netflix, but it will be cheaper. “We feel that it does not have to have anything close to the volume of what Netflix has because of the value of the brands and the specific value of the programs that will be included on it,” Iger said, adding that the service’s price “will also reflect a lower volume of product” as compared to Netflix.

The OTT launch “is the biggest priority of the company during calendar 2019.” Also the company would rather operate three separate OTT services: ESPN+ for sports, the upcoming Disney OTT for family and Hulu which now appeals to a more general audience. However, Disney could potentially package all three together if there is demand.

In addition, he doesn’t see the need to rush “because the market will pass us by, simply because the only place people are going to be able to get Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars original product is going to be on this app. And so, we believe whenever we launch, it will be attractive.”

When the service launches, it will have major gaps in classic films because of existing deals with outlets like Netflix, Starz and Turner, some of which will continue for several more years.