Fernando Barbosa, general manager of Media Networks at Disney Latin America

Disney: The combination of the two companies makes us the greatest content generator in the world
04 de junio de 2019

One more step in the Disney-Fox fusion has been its joint screening, one more of those expected and that developed throughout an entire day in the studios in Los Angeles to show the vast product these two content giants now have. 

“This is a potent and powerful unión. The combination of the two companies makes us the greatest content generator in the world. It has been an intense but efficient integration and the aggregate of the two companies is going to bear good fruits; one of them is Disney+” commented Fernando Barbosa, General Manager of Media Networks at Disney Latin America.

As a prelude to the presentation, the executive presented a video with a greeting by the actress Sofía Vergara that shows another of the dimensions of this fusion, supported on local production. “This will be one of the best screenings of all times, this union between Disney and Fox will bring the best content of the entire planet, including Modern Family”.

Barbosa highlighted Vergara`s role, 18 years ago, in the Colombian adaptation Desperate Housewife, and used this to present the team that will accompany him in the new organization. “It is the first time that we present a joint Disney-Fox screening, we are a new team that in the end is going to be under the Disney name, because then the brand Fox or that word is going to migrate. This is an vast integration and the teams that are with me are already aligned.”

Henri Ringel will be a key figure as leader of Linear and Non-Linear Distribution. The production areas have three pillars: Leonardo Aranguibel and Mariana Pérez in General Entertainment; Fernando Semenzato with the support of Aranguibel in Factual Production under the umbrela of Nat Geo, that is also considering the development of fictions; and Javier Castany with the Production of the Disney Branding with brands such as Violetta, Soy Luna and Bia.

Barbosa pointed out that the company´s most important strategy after the fusion is the area of consumer service in which the Disney+ platform is the main goal, with the addition of the international launch of the Hulu streaming and the growth of ESPN+.

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