Main cast of Horario Estelar

Disney: The series Horario Estelar makes our audiences feel more identified with the reality of Mexico
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|24 de febrero de 2023

Star+ officially presented its new original series Horario Estelar, produced by Estudios Teleméxico, starring Ela Velden and Óscar Jaenadas, who pointed out that it is content that demonstrates the high level of productions made in Latin America, mainly in Mexico, with themes hardly addressed by other media. Created by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, the series was released on Wednesday, February 15.

“It is one of these productions that make our audiences feel more identified with the reality of our countries. It was filmed in different regions of Mexico with Estudios Teleméxico and is part of the extraordinary productions made in Latin America,” said Allan Navarrete, General Manager of The Walt Disney Company Mexico when announcing the cast at the presentation cocktail.

Regarding the level of production that Navarrete referred to in his speech, and the current issues that have been ignored, the actress Ela Velden - founder of the production house Ellas Cuatro - stated that it is a sample of content that puts Mexico in the spotlight of the world and gives producers and actors peace of mind of not having to migrate to do quality productions.

“With my production house, we want to tell all these stories that have been disregarded, forgotten, or that anyone risks telling. Horario Estelar talks a little about that, it is taking on very risky topics. It is about time. We are tired of the same things, characters, and stereotypes. Having this range of platforms shows that the Mexican audiovisual industry is growing, improving, taking risks, and at the level of countries like the US and even Spain; As an actress and now as a producer I’m happy to know that I didn't need to go abroad to succeed, that in my own country, there are opportunities to communicate and make art,” said the actress.

Being a journalistic thriller that addresses issues such as the media agenda and the current complexity of Mexican society, as situations such as forced disappearance, Óscar Jaenada said that the opportunity of questioning opinion leaders was one of the main reasons for accepting the role: “The media will offer the content they want; for instance, in Spain, we used to have CNN 24/7 and it was replaced by Gran Hermano. It depends on the country and how they want to keep you informed or entertained. Both politicians and journalists are losing credibility, at least in my country, and I believe that as an audience what really matters is to question everything taking into account the situation we are experiencing,” he assured.

The cast of this ten-episode series includes Jaenada, Velden, Maya Zapata, Dominika Paleta, and Alejandro Camacho, among others. It tells the story of Ramiro del Solar, a television journalist with a long history of revealing and resounding news stories, who has managed to keep his private life free of media scandals. However, when his lover dies during one of the couple's encounters, Ramiro decides to wipe out everything regarding their relationship terrified by what all could lose. When the investigation turns against him, he uses his ability to divert the facts from public opinion and tries to get away with it, revealing his immoral nature, and proving that the truth is best hidden in plain sight.