Leonardo Aranguibel from Disney in Conecta Fiction

Disney: The talent behind the cameras during the realization of Santa Evita was spectacular
29 de junio de 2022

Leonardo Aranguibel, VP of Operations and Production Strategy at The Walt Disney Company Latin America, spoke on EN VIVO with Richard Izarra from Toledo, Spain, in the most recent edition of Conecta Fiction where they are launching their new series Santa Evita, on the life of Eva Perón and the subsequent fate of her embalmed body, based on the novel by Tomás Eloy Martínez.

The executive, with 17 years of experience at Disney, mentioned that it was a pleasure for him to work with such spectacular talent behind and in front of the cameras, and together with the production company Non Stop, with which it was “class A” to take this series forward.
“Having Salma Hayek in the executive production of Santa Evita was a privilege, as well as working with a director and showrunner of the stature of Rodrigo García, who has a career in Hollywood directing great classics in the US. Likewise, the people of Non Stop, who were in charge of the production from the beginning, and unto Caesar what is Caesar's, with Diego Lerner, Fernando Barbosa, and Mariana Pérez leading this team nothing could go wrong” said Aranguibel.

He also mentioned that Disney Latin America is developing almost 100 projects, currently in several stages and that will come out gradually.

“We are now thrilled with Santa Evita because it is like a baby that is being born, but there are many other projects both in development and in production, post production and some ready just waiting to come out" he concluded.

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