The inspiration for the approach came from the brand's core values and its commitment to bring "sunshine" to all

Dole Takes On The New Normal-ish With Fruit Bowls Campaign
13 de enero de 2021

Welcome to the (not so) New Year. With a focus on the new normal, Dole Packaged Foods,  is kicking off the next phase of its Fruit Bowls campaign: Normal-ish. The campaign delivers some sunshine through a tongue-in-cheek look at the re-invented ways we are all getting back to normal. From the office and the gym, to date nights and alone time, families of all shapes and sizes once again turn to fruit as the antidote to help with the normal-ish adjustments.

Building on its Fall Quaran-tensions campaign, the phrase 'Fruit Bowl' takes on multiple meanings in the campaign – a nod of agreement, an expression of frustration and a code word for…well, anything. Mom heads to "her office," dad to "the gym," and a couple to "date night" all within the normal-ish confines of a semi-quarantined life.

"2020 was a year of unexpected learnings that have allowed us to see our consumers truly adapt and evolve. The second rendition of this work continues to look at real moments: diverse families with diverse realities, finding a way to make it through this normal-ish life as we know it now," said Rupen Desai, Global CMO for Dole Packaged Foods. "Like the first iteration, these vignettes are meant to celebrate diversity, real life and how we feel. All with an appreciative nod to the fact that, as humans, we are resilient and can best navigate these times together, with a smile."