Donna Speciale

Univision launches first Brand Studio, compiles data on Hispanic audiences
18 de mayo de 2021

To help brands create campaigns that communicate with Hispanic consumers in a culturally authentic way, Univision is launching its first Brand Studio. Starting from zero, the Brand Studio will combine the best of original brand journalism with a sense of leadership toward the sector in order to provide the Univision portfolio and social media with some exceptional narratives.

“Univision is Hispanics’ door to the U.S. and represents a chance for the present and future growth of brands that is not yet fully taken advantage of. According to Nielsen, brands that are not active in Spanish are failing to take advantage of a huge 39 percent of their advertising budgets and are throwing away an important opportunity to target consumers who are the biggest drivers of growth in many categories. No one understands this audience like Univision. We have the studies, the data and the perspective to help brands interact with the culture and the language, as well as a commitment to create new solutions to optimize our entire portfolio to benefit our partners,” said Donna Speciale, president of Advertising Sales and Marketing at Univision, during the company’s Upfront presentation.

The company also announced it is developing the first set of data related to the Hispanic audience in order to optimize clients’ campaigns and help resolve the insufficient representation of Hispanic consumers in the audience as shown in the latest data that is widely used by the sector. Univision will take advantage of its audience data to speed up its latest solutions in a generalized way. It will help drive the beta versions of addressable TV offered by Vizio, Dish and others, it will strengthen Univision’s capacity to target specific audiences and will offer products on different platforms that organically connect brands with target consumers throughout the company’s ecosystem. These new functions will become available in the fourth quarter of 2021.