Fidela Navarro, CEO, of Dopamine

Dopamine: Tax incentives in Spain represent for Cóyotl a great return on investment
04 de noviembre de 2022

The series Cóyotl is post-produced in Spain, in part due to the country’s incentives, specifically the tax rebate. “In addition to the fact that we really like the companies with which we are working there, it is a great advantage to post-produce in Spain because of this great rebate. For us it means a very important return on investment,” said Fidela Navarro, CEO, of Dopamine.

Spain offers between 30% and 50% tax rebates, or tax refunds, as part of its tax incentives, which is why it is considered one of the main countries for film and television productions.

Navarro mentioned the importance of making progress in political lobbying in Mexico on this issue because as long as the offer of incentives is not improved, large-budget projects will go to other countries. Post-production, in the case of this series, is very important because of the need of characters to transform from humans to monsters, which is a technological and creative challenge, she assured.

Cóyoltl is a premium series produced for HBO Max by Warner Bros. Discovery and Dopamine, starring Alejandro Speitzer and Paulina Gaitán, and filmed at a location in northern Mexico.