Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine

Dopamine: The series Hernán Cortés will be ready in time to commemorate the 5th centenary of his arrival to Mexico
Aliana González, Mexico City|11 de enero de 2019

To be ready to commemorate the 5th centenary of the encounter between Spain and Mexico with a premium series like Hernán, El Hombre, is one of Dopamine´s goals for 2019, after delivering their first series, María Magdalena, made in alliance with Sony. “We are in the midst of the pre-producción of Hernán Cortés. We will start shooting at the end of February, and this will take many months," said Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine, after expressing that 2018 was the year of creation and construction of the company and that in 2019 they have the challenge of showing what they are capable of.

Hernán, el Hombre, tells the life of the Spanish conquerer Hernán Cortés and will be a project with a large budget, very ambitious locations that will be executed by Onza Entertainment and Dopamine.

Additionally, they are working on two very advanced developments that will be ready for production in the middle of the year, as well as a few more projects that are underway to be consolidated in 2019. “This package of first developments is ready to be pitched into the market. We have been working on this very passionate and carefully, without haste but continuously and very focused on those we believe can fit well in relation with the content. There are projects that are very premium and require many months of previous research before production," she said.

“It is a high number of placements and productions, I believe, for the short period we have been working."