Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine

Dopamine: We will answer the question Who was Hernán Cortés? without eluding polemic
12 de febrero de 2019

Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine, stated that Hernán, El Hombre is a series full of challenges. “First, because he is a polemic character, he is the father of ethnic mix, who has not been dealt with correctly throughout 500 years. He is a huge character whom we haven´t seen on screen with all his positives and negatives,” said Navarro.

That is why they will approach him from different perspectives, without eluding polemic, she stated, after commenting that the series is mixed, as is the team who is making it. Therefore, she highlights that for the first time, they have two showrunners, a Mexican, Julián de Tavira, and the Spaniard Curro Royo. The Spanish actor Óscar Jaenada will play the role of Hernán Cortés. It is produced together with Onza Entertainment.

Another challenge Navarro mentioned is recreating a world that no longer exists, and doing it in its fair dimension. “It is a rich and magnificent world: Tenochtitlan, Cempoala, Cholula, Tlaxcala… How do you recreate from scratch something so big? What is required is a strong investment in terms of visual effects. We are very happy about this since we have one of the best, El Ranchito,” she said.

Another challenge she mentioned is the financing of the series, one of the most expensive in Spanish. “We have to make a commercial multi-sales model that allows making it, and there, we must get out of the Latin American framework and try to find more bridges and arms. This project also has a mixed commercial model, between Spain and Latin America, but also including the US and Europe,” she said.

She stated that they are building a backlot and that regarding locations, it will follow Hernán Cortés´ route, both in Spain and in Mexico.