Nadav Palti, CEO of Dori Media

Dori Media: We are aiming to co-produce with Mexico and the US
Marcela Tedesco, Buenos Aires|09 de enero de 2018

Dori Media —that has already produced several titles in Argentina— is now exploring opportunities to co-produce in Mexico and the US as well. The aim is to strengthen the distribution company´s catalog with titles that can travel as finished products.

“Content in Argentina is very innovative and outstanding, however, the can does not travel well to Latin America due to the accent. That is why we are doing research on co-productions in two territories that will allow the programs to travel as finished products and thus generate more sales. We are always looking for new opportunities and interesting content and we will be delighted to expand our co-productions to more Latino countries,” stated Nadav Palti, CEO of Dori Media.

Dori Media productions in Argentina include Las Estrellas, with Pol-ka for eltrece; El Marginal with Underground and TV Pública; Esperanza Mía, also with Pol-Ka for eltrece; Ciega a Citas, another co-production with TV Pública. These titles have achieved great sales worldwide, especially as formats.